Rolled Steel Joists (RSJ)

Elevate your construction project with our premium Rolled Steel Joists (RSJs). Built for superior load-bearing strength and longevity.

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Why Use Rolled Steel Joists?

Joists, also known as Rolled Steel Joists (RSJs) or ‘I’ beams, are the backbone of many construction projects, providing vital support and strength. These steel beams are immensely strong, designed to carry heavy loads across open spaces, making them ideal for everything from home renovations to large scale industrial projects. Southend Steels is committed to offering top-quality RSJs, tailored to your project’s unique requirements and highest standards.
Applications of RSJ Beams
  1. Structural Support in Buildings: RSJ beams provide support for floors, roofs, and load-bearing walls in residential, commercial, and industrial structures of all sizes.

  2. Bridge Construction: RSJ beams offer strength and stability to span gaps and support heavy loads.

  3. Industrial Facilities: RSJ beams play a crucial role in warehouses and factories, supporting heavy machinery and equipment.

  4. Mezzanine Floors: Commonly used to expand usable space without additional structural support. 

  5. Architectural Features: They add visual interest and character to architectural projects.

  6. Infrastructure Projects: Essential in railways and highways, constructing platforms and support structures. 

  7. Residential Renovations: RSJ beams create open-plan living spaces, support extensions, or reinforce existing structures. 

Why Choose Southend Steels for Joists (RSJ)?

When you choose Southend Steels for your Joists (RSJ), you’re investing in unrivalled quality, affordability, and exceptional customer service. As one of the UK’s premier steel suppliers and fabricators, we pride ourselves on meeting and surpassing our clients’ expectations on every project. Our comprehensive range of services, including sheering, plasma and laser cutting, folding and bending, shot-blast and primer paint, drilling, and more, combine the personal service of a small company with the capabilities of a larger one. Southend Steels is your trusted partner for top-notch steel products and fabrication services.

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Steel I beams installed on top of brick wall ready for installation for home extension